When you don't have enough

Time, Energy, or care left to give

(It doesn't have to be this way!)

I can help with two live workshops

Burnout is different than stress...

It's when you go from too much to not having enough.

We talk a lot about stress.

From our stress levels to the things we’re going to do to combat stress and bring it down to manageable levels. But what happens when high stress continues for a prolonged period of time? 

The answer is burnout.

Burnout is when you move from feeling like it’s all too much, and cross over into feeling like you don’t have enough – not enough time, energy, motivation or desire to get it all done.

The road to burnout can be slow, but it can quickly pick up speed if it’s not addressed.


You can definitely come back from the edge...

Stopping the slide into burnout is totally doable - I'll show you how.


It’s not enough to remove the Stressors in your life and think that will remove the stress.

Stress is your body’s chemical reaction to the Stressors and can only be reversed by closing the Stress Cycle. 

To address Burnout and establish Boundaries, I have two LIVE workshops that will help both you and your employees to close the Stress Cycle, identify your Boundaries and learn to communicate your needs at work and at home.


In Burnout: When you Feel Like You Have Nothing More to Give, you will learn:

  • The difference between Stress & Burnout
  • To identify your current level of Burnout
  • The strategies to prevent (and recover from!) the slide into Burnout


In Boundaries: What is Me and What is Not Me, you will learn: 

  • To identify Physical, Emotional & Psychological Boundaries
  • To identify your own personal & professional Boundaries
  • How to set, communicate and maintain your Boundaries

From Burnout to Boundaries...

A series of live (virtual or in-person), one-hour wellness workshops designed to stop the slide into burnout by identifying, setting and communicating boundaries.

Two complementary workshops - choose ONE or BOTH to support your people.

One Workshop

One time fee
$ 997 Once
  • Introduction to Burnout or Boundaries

Both Workshops

One time fee
$ 1,597 Once
  • Stop the slide into Burnout with Boundaries
20% off!

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