S01 | E08 Mindful Leadership with Sarah Jenner

When it comes to your leadership, are you walking the talk? Think about it. You’re probably saying all the right things to your team, like telling them to take their breaks and vacations and that they can always come talk to you. But are you actually modeling that behavior for them and providing the mechanisms […]

S01 | E07 Looking to the Future with Jordan Friesen

It’s apparent that the “typical” workplace is changing, especially with such a huge shift to working from home during the pandemic. But what changes will we see in the next ten years, and how can we evolve our company culture to keep pace? While there’s no crystal ball or silver bullet to answer all of […]

S01 | E06 Creating Psychologically Safe Spaces with Heike Cantrup

Whether virtual or in-person, employee or consultant, the importance of the workplace being a safe space can’t be overstated. It opens the door for needed conversations, regardless of what is going on in the world or in personal lives, and it helps build strong team relationships. Today’s guest, Heike Cantrup, was eager to come on […]

S01 | E05 Implementing People-Focused Strategies with Kolbi Kukurba

Employees and employers alike have had to relearn and adjust how they manage expectations right now. While there have always been stressors outside of the workplace, the pandemic has definitely compounded that stress tenfold. Now more than ever, employers need to create hopeful, supportive work environments if they want to see positive mental health and […]

S01 | E04 Making Mental Health a Focus with Adam Nebbs

What tools are available to promote good mental health in your workplace?  There is no silver bullet when it comes to creating a healthy work environment, and no organization will get it right 100% of the time. But by making it a continuous focus in your organization, you can create a work environment that promotes […]

S01 | E03 Having Fun in the Workplace with Robert Manolson

In physical and home workplaces alike, employees want to be in an environment where they can feel welcome, engaged, and thriving. What are you doing to increase employee wellness and engagement? It certainly has become more complicated as more of the workforce has moved to remote work. Today’s guest has a solution for creating positive team […]

S01 | E02 Human in the Workplace with Christine Bandy

Gone are the days where employees should be expected to leave their worries and issues at home. We need human connection on a personal level in every aspect of life, including in the workplace, and it has been shown that allowing employees to be authentic at work leads to more fulfilling careers and successful organizations. […]

S01 | E01 Building Resilient Teams with Brandy Payne

Our mental health is the foundation for everything we do and everything we are. This is why supporting employee wellness in the workplace is so important. Burnout is a serious problem for employees across all industries, leading to declining mental wellness in workplaces across the board. What happens at work follows us home and vice […]