Burnout when you have nothing left to give

Burnout: When you Have Nothing Else to Give

I realized I’d lost my hope the day I recognized I got it back. Totally innocuous moment – driving along, thinking of nothing important – when I sat up a little taller…and immediately slouched back down. Waves of emotion were rolling over me, from pride and relief, to fear and

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meetings all the time

All the meetings, all the time.

I don’t know about you but I feel like I’m in nothing but meetings…all.day.long. Way more than before the Coronavirus pandemic, when the majority of my colleagues were working at the office and I was working from my home. Something has shifted in our collective mindset – I think a

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hope has a birthday

Hope has a birthday.

The magic of Hope started for me exactly a year ago. My husband and I were out on a dog walk and I was feeling blah – moping along, complaining about feeling uninspired, not typically joyful and really, unmotivated to do much more than go through the paces of my

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plans in sand goals in concrete

Plans in sand.

September is my favourite time of year. It’s usually still warm during the day but getting cooler for sleeping at night. The leaves start slowly but surely changing color, starting their colorful descent into fall. And the campgrounds empty out, leaving lots of space for us fall campers! It also

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meditation can be cool

Meditation can be cool.

BusinessLink invited me to be on two panels last week, at events they host each month for entrepreneurs and small business owners in Alberta. The topic was well-being and how to manage your health while also growing a business, the struggles of which I’m all too familiar with. Really interesting

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Lindsay Recknell

Hi, I'm Lindsay!

I’m the creator of Mental Health in Minutes, a monthly digital download of done-for-you presentations, email templates, checklists and training videos all designed to get you from TO-DO to DONE. I live in Calgary, Alberta with my husband Robbie and our two Golden Retrievers, Wylie & Squeak.

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