S02 | E02 Cultural Competency with Shahzia Noorally

Your organization talks the talk. As leadership, it’s also your responsibility to walk the walk. From the very beginning in recruitment and onboarding, company values should be apparent. On today’s episode of the podcast, we learn from Shahzia Noorally the best way to accomplish this through storytelling and building a

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S02 | E01 Leveling the Playing Field with Darby Young

Is your workplace accessible? If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that accessibility accommodations for persons with disabilities are not only highly feasible, but necessary for improving the overall mental health of employees. The one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work anymore. Darby Young joins us on the podcast today to discuss why

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S01 | E12 Solve the Productivity Problem with Dawn O’Connor

When thinking about increasing productivity, what is your organization doing to support that? Many organizations fill employee’s time with meetings and throw task management systems at them that they don’t know how to use. And while the intentions may be good, the typical outcome is just added stress, wasted time,

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S01 | E11 Happier at Work with Aoife O’Brien

Data analytics is used in so many different aspects of a business⎯ customer satisfaction, sales, web traffic, etc.. But are you tapping into all the data you can be gathering from your employees? It’s often overlooked, but employee data analytics can affect retention, employee mental health, resolving workplace issues effectively,

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S01 | E10 Understanding Workplace Bullying with Ruthann Weeks

Did you know 45% of Canadians report being bullied at work? Or that workplace bullying can be in different forms? Ruthann Weeks, our guest this episode, has firsthand experience with toxic workplace environments and has dedicated her professional life to creating psychologically safe spaces for all. Join us this week

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S01 | E09 Diversity in the Workplace with Kanchan Prinsloo

Our cultural experiences shape who we are and the color of our skin often shapes the culture we get to experience. To be good leaders, team members, and allies understanding how to approach the topic of race and ethnicity in the workplace is necessary to ensure equal opportunity and clear

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S01 | E08 Mindful Leadership with Sarah Jenner

When it comes to your leadership, are you walking the talk? Think about it. You’re probably saying all the right things to your team, like telling them to take their breaks and vacations and that they can always come talk to you. But are you actually modeling that behavior for

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S01 | E07 Looking to the Future with Jordan Friesen

It’s apparent that the “typical” workplace is changing, especially with such a huge shift to working from home during the pandemic. But what changes will we see in the next ten years, and how can we evolve our company culture to keep pace? While there’s no crystal ball or silver

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S01 | E06 Creating Psychologically Safe Spaces with Heike Cantrup

Whether virtual or in-person, employee or consultant, the importance of the workplace being a safe space can’t be overstated. It opens the door for needed conversations, regardless of what is going on in the world or in personal lives, and it helps build strong team relationships. Today’s guest, Heike Cantrup,

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