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It's nice to meet you...

Thank you so much for stopping by! It’s my pleasure to get to work with people like you – People Leaders who care so much about your employees and want to give the best of yourself to support those around you.

I know how important it is to be there for your team, to invest in the lives of your employees which has them also investing in the life of your company.

I also know how crazy busy it can be as a People Leader and how competing priorities always seem to get in the way of actually being able to provide the good stuff – the real value-added stuff – to your people.

As a People Leader myself, I also value safety and put employees high on my priority list – just like you do. Sometimes, I feel overworked, overwhelmed and burnt out and the impact of this year on my team and the life of my organization is unprecedented, scary and a bit out of control.

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We're making shadow puppets...

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I’m looking towards 2021 and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m helping organizations make proverbial shadow puppets in that light and we’re doing it with action, inspiration and hope. 

Mental Health in Minutes is that light at the end of the tunnel – a tactical, practical and super fun way to let your employees know you care about them, are there to support them and believe in them enough to continuing investing in their career & personal development.

Each presentation, workbook, email template and checklist has been created with an adult learner in mind, including adult education best practices. Each monthly topic is relevant to today’s world and is kept updated and fresh as new research comes to light. The content and learning is science-based – the lessons are supported by evidence and backed by research, making the content both engaging and psychologically safe in an organizational context.

I'm backed by education...

As a certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor, endorsed by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), I’m trained to work with organizations to assess their readiness for change and prepare employers to improve the psychological health and safety in their workplaces. 

As a certified Emergenetics Associate, endorsed by Emergenetics Canada, I’m trained to recognize that everyone thinks and behaves differently, that our perceptions are framed by our experiences and our communication styles are impacted by the science of our brain.

As a life long learner, inspired by the work and research of Dr. Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania and his work in Positive Psychology, I look towards enrollment in the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology program in the fall of 2021. 

I have a Bachelors degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and have started and grown four entrepreneurial businesses in the last 12 years. I have 15+ experience in facilitation, speaking, leadership development, podcasting and content creation and believe there are too many great books in the world to waste time on anything less than awesome.


My philosphy, in all the words...

I truly believe there’s a way to succeed in whatever goal I’m reaching for, nothing is impossible. Might not always happen on an original timetable and the journey will definitely take detours but with Hope, Action and Creativity, combined with Confidence and Tenacity to keep going, it’s all possible.

Those are the keys, I believe.

First Hope – you need to believe that the future will be better than today. You need to truly believe it’s going to happen, that you will succeed…that you’ll accomplish. Because if you don’t have Hope, you’re sunk.

Action must accompany Hope because without Action, Hope is just a wish. Do the next thing, take the next step, make the next call. Whatever Action comes next, do that. And if you don’t know the next right step, just do something…keep that forward momentum going. Also, that’s key…momentum. An object in motion, stays in motion…an object at rest, stays at rest. Keep rollin’.

Creativity is key because if something isn’t working, you’ll need to get creative to figure out what’s next. Don’t rule anything out, think big picture without limits and figure out the How after you’ve identified the What. This is also where your resources can come in…your people with different experiences or ideas, your money to try something new or your brain and drive to read, listen, ask for what you don’t already know. The main idea here is don’t limit yourself to what you’ve already done – get creative and try whatever you come up with.

Confidence wraps these three traits. You need to have Confidence so you can achieve, succeed, compete. You will need to believe in yourself – in your strengths and unique awesomeness to achieve. There’s no reason you can’t be successful. For sure, you’ll have to work your butt off, prioritize differently and make sacrifices or compromises…and success might not look the same at the end as you thought it might at the beginning but successful completion, no matter how it looks, is still success.

Tenacity is the other trait that wraps up Hope, Action and Creativity. You have to keep at it, fall down seven and get up eight. See adversity and go through it. When you’re tired, rest, then get to it. If it’s worth it, keep working it no matter how hard it seems. Do it until it doesn’t make sense anymore, then do the next thing. I think that’s something key to Tenacity – recognize that the current path may not be the right path forever and instead of quitting or being discouraged by the time spent, have the Tenacity to change the path and keep rolling.

Keep at it, whatever “it” is.

Your employees are waiting!

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